Residential & Detox

Detox Program

If you consider treatment as a series of steps, detox is the first step. Our detox is overseen by our medical director that specializes in addiction medicine. We have a doctor on site daily. The rest of our detox staff is comprised of a director of nursing and LPN’s.  Aside from medical staff, clients in our detox have access to a counselor that they can meet with, group therapy, and 12 step meetings.

Residential Program

Residential treatment is the second step in the treatment process. We offer both short and long term. Short term treatment is typically thirty days, and long term is approximately ninety days. The length of stay varies depending on specific client wants and needs, progress towards treatment goals, and stability in recovery. Our residential program consists of a structured schedule, including group therapy, recreational activities, 12 step meetings, family program, and individual family sessions. While in residential treatment, clients will meet with their counselor weekly. When a client is ready to discharge their counselor will work with them to set up aftercare, housing, or anything further that they may need to help them on their journey of recovery.

Our Address: 114 Courson Lane Emlenton, PA 16373