Frequently Asked Questions

We offer short term and long term residential services. The typical length of stay for short term is 28 days and long term is 90 days. Research in the field of addiction supports a strong correlation between time in treatment and length of abstinence. Readiness for discharge varies person to person based on their specific needs.

Visiting is not permitted for clients in detox. In residential, after the first week of treatment, clients are allowed to have visits from family on the weekends during designated visiting hours.

Clients are permitted to use the phone after their first week in residential treatment. For short term, calls can be made twice weekly. For long term, calls can be made every other day.

Clients are able to send and receive letters to supportive family members.

If you are currently taking medications regularly you are able to bring in the remainder of your script. If you do not have medications, but need, our medical staff would be able to order prescriptions and administer as needed. Our staff will obtain all medication and medical history as part of our prescreening admission process. At this time we can clarify any specific medication questions.

We provide a menu that is nutritious and appetizing for clients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided by the facility. Vending machines are on site if clients wish to purchase extra snacks. We are able to accommodate special dietary needs and food allergies

We offer a family program to loved ones of clients. This is facilitated by a counselor and takes place weekly on Saturdays. If family members want to be more involved in treatment, with the consent of a client, family is able to participate in counseling sessions.

Clients are permitted to use tobacco in designated areas outside of the building.

We are handicap accessible.